See the Ship




The MV Harbour Master is 100 feet long by 40 feet wide and is registered for 650 passengers. She comprises of four main decks; the gift shop, the bar, the main and the sun deck.

The gift shop: This deck is home to our one of a kind VIP room which holds 40 people and will only be used under special request. It has its own bar and television for private viewing. It also is home to our gift shop where you can get your harbor master tokens to remember those good times. The facilities on this deck are the male and female bathrooms both equipped with optional air conditioning units to suit your needs.

The bar: Home to our salt water fish tank, our main bar has seating for up to 135 persons with 4 television screens located around it. Due to the demand of its patrons the bar stands 60 feet long by 20 feet wide. Talk about quick bar service!

The main: With a pearl white coated finish and its amazing mood lighting, this deck holds our air conditioned dj room as well as the stage for live performances. This deck is also used for buffets and additional bars if necessary.

The sun: This deck is perfect for any mood, night sails under the stars or experience the island life under the sun. Equipped with its own speakers and bar, the main can satisfy your any need.