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The largest party cruise vessel in the Caribbean, the Harbour Master has the ability to host a variety of events which include corporate functions, weddings and functions. Whether we cruise “Down d Islands” or experience the beauty of Port of Spain, the Harbour Master provides an aesthetic and memorable experience for all our passengers.

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The MV HARBOURMASTER is committed to offering its clients the most flexible and multifaceted entertainment venue that the island has to offer. Our aim is to carefully listen to our clients, discover their needs and deliver a reliable service. The following guidelines and conditions will ensure that you have the best possible experience with us.

CAPACITY – The client will be allowed 550 passengers. This amount must include patrons, committee members and any entertainers or DJs. If the client wishes to extend this amount to 750 passengers, an additional fee would be charged to compensate for this increase. Any exceptions to this must be prior approved by Management. Please note that the vessel’s operating crew and/or Captain’s Guests are not included in this amount.